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Six Common Plumbing Issues in Older Homes

Piping that is outdated

Sewer plumbing in older homes is frequently made of obsolete or no longer viable materials, which can cause problems with water flow, drainage, and leaks. Galvanized and polybutylene (plastic) pipes are examples of this. Because these are frequently replaced in pieces as they wear down, they can create problems for years. To avoid this, consider having all of your home's plumbing renovated at the same time. Lead pipes should be replaced quickly because they pose severe health concerns to homes.

Pipes Shifting

In older homes, the substance of the pipe may not be the issue; rather, it may shift naturally over time when the foundation settles and is exposed to environmental influences like as storms. Because pipes were not designed to shift, this can result in pipe cracks, fissures, and entire breaks, rendering your plumbing inoperable. It can also cause slab leaks, which cause unnoticed water seeping into your home's foundation, resulting in costly repairs and structural damage that may render your home hazardous to live.

Invasion of Tree Roots

The changing landscape is another challenge with older dwellings. After many years, what was once an insignificant sapling will have grown into a huge oak. Tree roots that are placed too close to sewer lines may be drawn to the water within the lines and grow towards them, potentially causing cracks, breaks, and blockages. A plumbing camera examination can pinpoint the source of such problems and save you money when it comes time to repair them.

Inadequate Installation Or Repairs

Even if your house is only a few years old, it's probable that your plumbing has needed repair at some point. While this may have given a temporary remedy, if repairs are performed poorly, they might wear down over time and cause other, more immediate difficulties. Furthermore, if a plumbing system component was not properly installed, it may never have operated well to begin with. Our Ocala plumbers will evaluate your plumbing from top to bottom to find the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Fixtures from the past

What may have been fresh new 20 years ago may now be a recurring headache. Even equipment, such as dishwashers and toilets, might begin to malfunction after around five years. After confirming that the plumbing bones are in good working order, replacing outdated fixtures with new ones is the greatest approach to enhance your plumbing. Not only do they perform better, but modern plumbing fixtures are often more efficient in terms of water conservation and energy use.

Drains Have Been Clogged For Years

Unbeknownst to many, food scraps and oils do not normally completely flush down the drain. Buildup over time can produce clogged drains, perhaps leading to disgusting standing water that won't drain. Whether it's a bathtub, shower, or sink drain, our water jetting service will safely clear obstructions and restore your plumbing! Read More


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